Amari LP-11 Turntable

LP-11 is the next level up from LP-10MK. It uses a more advanced aluminum plinth. Electronic speed control is introduced and speed can be fine tuned separately for 33 and 45 rpm. Its aluminum based plinth offers silver or black option to suit the rest of your system.

Aluminum plinth provides good solid base and damping.
– 20mm thick Aluminum Plinth provides good solid base and damping.
– 2.6kg Aluminum Platter
– 9 inches Tonearm with adjustable VTA base.
– Oil well and adjustable magnetic levitated bearing, ensure smooth rotation and less bearing noise.
– Ceramic bearing shaft which is smooth, hard and long lasting.
– 12V 3W AC motor which is stable, low noise and flutter.
– Motor is mounted on a separate base mounted by O-ring, reduce motor vibration to be transmitted to plinth
– Switch between 33 and 45rpm by changing belt location on the dual pulley
– Adjustable feet with hard ball inserts.
– MM/MC Phono Amplifier
– Audio Technica AT-95E MM Cartridge
– Acrylic cover

Following accessories is also included
– Turntable mat
– Record clamp
– Turntable strobe disc
– Amari stylus tracking force gauge
– Bearing oil
– 12V AC and 17V AC power supplies, for motor and phono amplifier



Platter Weight:
Pivot to Spindle Distance:
Tonearm Effective Length:
Standard VTA:
AT-95E Tracking Force:
Power Supply:
Phono Amplifier Input Impedance:

23 degree
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 650mA
200 Ohms for MC, 47K Ohms for MM