Amari LP-16s Turntable

LP-16s is the mid level turntable from Amari. On top of the precision speed control and adjustable VTA base. It comes with 2 layers of plinth and 3 point spring loaded adjustable suspension which isolate noise to a higher level. Its base plinth is made of aluminum and birch sandwich which gives very good damping control. With a model look, the LP-16 will provide both visual and audible enjoyment.

– 24mm aluminum and Birch sandwich base plinth
– 24mm top aluminum plinth isolated by adjustable spring suspension.
– 2.6kg Aluminum Platter
– 9 inches Tonearm with adjustable VTA base.
– Oil well and adjustable magnetic levitated bearing, ensure smooth rotation and less bearing noise.
– Ceramic bearing shaft which is smooth, hard and long lasting.
– 12V 3W AC motor which is stable, low noise and flutter.
– Motor is mounted on a separate base mounted by O-ring, reduce motor vibration to be transmitted to plinth
– Electronic speed control, 33 and 45rpm can be separately fine tuned.
– Adjustable feet on base plinth and adjustable spring loaded feet for top plinth
– Grs 5 digit high precision real time speed monitoring system
– MM/MC Phono Amplifier
– Audio Technica AT-95E MM Cartridge

Following accessories is also included
– Turntable mat
– Record clamp
– Turntable alignment disc
– Amari stylus tracking force gauge
– Bearing oil
– 12V AC and 17V AC power supplies, for motor and phono amplifier



Platter Weight:
Pivot to Spindle Distance:
Tonearm Effective Length:
Standard VTA:
AT-95E Tracking Force:
Power Supply:
Phono Amplifier Input Impedance:

23 degree
Grs 5 digit high precision real time speed monitoring system
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 650mA
200 Ohms for MC, 47k Ohms for MM

Product Manual

Amari LP-16s Manual