About Amari

Amari Audio specializes in the research and development of HI-FI audio equipment, especially in Turntables. It invested a lot of capital, resources and material research to develop revolutionary products.

Amari has developed its own intellectual property rights and specific manufacturing process, especially in the field of vibration/damping control, research of reliable material applying to stable rotation, magnetic levitation drive and VTA/LTA/Overhang adjustmebt mechanism which can meet the requirements of different tonearms.

With the core technology of turntable design and production, Amari’s series of turntables and HiFi audio equipment are constantly improving, and can be compared with world-class products in terms of design, quality and production. At worldwide audio exhibitions, it has been recognized and praised by experts in the audio industry and their peers.

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LP-007s (NZD1499 inc GST)

LP-10MK (NZD1699 inc GST)

LP-11 (NZD1899 inc GST)

LP-16s (NZD2999 inc GST)

LP-18s (NZD2499 inc GST)

LP-22s (NZD3699 inc GST)

LP-32s (NZD6299 in GST)

LP-62s (NZD8999 inc GST)

LP-82s (NZD10999 inc GST)


Record Cleaners

RW-220 (NZD799 inc GST)

RW-600 (End of Production)


Phono Amplifiers

PA-18 (NZD599 inc GST)

PA-30 (NZD1599 inc GST)

PA-38 (NZD3299 inc GST)

PA-62s (NZD5999 inc GST)


Stylus Tracking Force Gauge (NZD20 inc GST)

Record Brush (NZD17.5 inc GST)

Pivot to Spindle Distance Protractor (NZD120 inc GST)

Record Cleaning Fluid (NZD30 inc GST)



RW-220 and RW-600 review by Witchdoctor

Amari T-60 (LP-62s) review by Witchdoctor