Cyan Discrete R2R DAC, All-In-One Pre/Headphone Amplifier

“Cyan” has three different versions
– All-in-one “PCM Mode” R2R DAC, including Pre/Headphone Amplifier
– “PCM Mode” R2R DAC, Pre/Headphone Amplifier is not included
– “DSD Mode” R2R DAC, Pre/Headphone Amplifier is not included

Cyan DAC Modules
“Cyan” can be equipped with one of the two core modules, one is PCM digital analog conversion module, and the other is DSD digital analog conversion module. Both modules are fully discrete resistor network DACs. If the PCM module is used, its internal digital analog conversion mode is PCM mode, but this does not mean that it can not decode the DSD, “Cyan” has a complete conversion between DSD and PCM. Although equipped with the PCM module, it can decode DSD signal, but only convert the DSD signal into PCM first, and then perform digital-to-analog conversion. Similarly, if the DSD module is selected, the source digital analog conversion mode is DSD, and the PCM signals can be decoded by internal conversion.

Cyan Headphone Amplifier
The “Cyan” headphone amplifier part is also the focus of the design. For a long time, it seems that headphone amplifier in the all-in-one machine on the market has not been spending enough focus, and some people even dubbed it as “free gift”, which means they cannot expect good quality output from the headphone amplifier. The goal of “Cyan” is to break this situation. Most users of the all-in-one machine have limited desktop space. It is hoped that the one machine can be truly integrated, and it can provide good results without adding an independent amp. In fact, the amplifier section of the “Cyan” has been revised many times before releasing it, just to ensure this is done properly. The “Cyan” Headphone Amplifier output can be switched to suit the low-impedance headphone or the high-impedance headphone. You only need to press the remote control to switch between the two modes, so whether it is a low-impedance earphone or a high-impedance earphone. Whether it is a dynamic ring or a flat-panel, they all can be driven well. Of course, the “Cyan” amp is fully balanced, cost twice as much as a single-ended amp. In addition, since “Cyan” has the built-in DAC, the headphone amplifier is designed to fully work with the DAC portion, and unnecessary mix and match is not required and most often individual DAC would not provide any benefit.

Of course, if you only need a pure decoding, you don’t need an amp, you can also choose a purely decoded version.

DSD Mode
It should be noted that the DSD signal cannot be used as a digital volume control, so the headphone amplifier option cannot be provided after the DSD module is selected. Moreover, the level of its line output is also fixed at the maximum and cannot be changed. Here you can also teach you a little knowledge, because the DSD signal can not be digitally processed. Therefore, if you see a decoder or decoder chip that supports DSD, but it can provide digital volume control, then you can be sure that it must be converted to PCM processing. In fact, the vast majority of so-called DSD-enabled decoders or decoder chips on the market are internally converted to PCM processing.

Supported Inputs
Like “Spring” DAC, “Cyan” also support NOS mode. Please refer to “Spring 2” product page for more details. 

The “Cyan” digital input interface includes USB (ground isolation), RCA, BNC, AES, fiber, and HDMI interface I2S. All digital input interfaces support DSD (DOP mode).

Digital Inputs
* Coaxial, Optical, AES, 
– PCM 44.1-192KHz (24bit)
– DSD 64x (DOP)
– PCM 44.1-384KHz (32bit)
– DSD 64-256x (DOP)
– PCM 44.1-384KHz (32bit)
– DSD 64-256x with PCM Module
Analogue Output
– THD+N 0.001% @1K
– SNR-125dB
– Voltage Output 2.3Vrms(RCA), 4.6Vrms(XLR)
* DSD 128X
– THD+N 0.0007% @1K
– SNR-121dB
– Voltage Output 1.3Vrms(RCA), 2.6Vrms(XLR)
* Headphone output
– THD+N 0.0015% @1K
– SNR-120dB
– Low resistance (Single Ended)400mW@32Ohm load
– Low resistance (Balanced)1600mW@32Ohm load
– High resistance (Single Ended)180mW@300Ohm load
– High resistance (Balanced)720mW@300Ohm load
– 260×281*55mm(WxLxH) 
– Does not include protruding parts
– 5kg
Power input
– 220-230V 50/60Hz 2A (fuse type 5x20mm SB 2A)
Power consumption
– 30W

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