“Serene” Preamplifier

Serene Design Philosophy
“Serene” Preamplifier is built upon the successful Azure Headphone/Preamp. Also leveraging eight fully discrete amplification modules. The eight amplification modules form four channels, two channels for each of the left and right channels, thus forming a fully balanced structure. In each channel, one amplification module is responsible for signal buffering and volume control, and the other is responsible for signal amplification.

Serene Key Design Goals
Different from the “Azure” is that the modules has been tuned for Preamplification application, especially for low level signal. Has more inputs, improved power supply and volume control.

Starting from power supply transformer, its has separate secondary windings for Left and Right channels. This is basically having two separate mono preamplifier in the same chassis, and so full frequency crossover is >130db and leads to perfect soundstage and imaging. The volume control is a 84 steps analogue volume, left and right channels are matched within 0.1db. Each step has 1db difference and hence provides -78db to +6db gain control.

In case if customer would like to use Serene to drive a headphone. The XLR1 output of Serene can drive headphone, it has 3W output at 32Ohms. Customer however would need to prepare a special adapter and Serene does not provide protection circuit for driving headphone. The Holo “Azure” would be a more suitable product.

Serene configurations
Serene has 2 configurations. The L1 is the standard design which provides the best Cost/Performance ratio. L2 is equipped with better transformer, fuse. 4 upgraded bypass capacitors and also silver AC wiring.


Inputs: 2 sets of XLR, 3 sets of RCA

Outputs: 2 Sets of XLR, 1 set of RCA, all output simultaneously.

Dimensions: 430mm (width) * 300 (length) * 55 (high, feet not included), the height of the feet is 12mm
Weight: 9.5 kg