Vicoustic Acoustic Onsite Measurement and Design

Whether this is studio, home theatre or Hifi room, there is nothing more important than having a proper acoustic environment to ensure your investment in gears is well deserved. We work closely with Vicoustic NZ to provide acoustic measurement and design services for Auckland area.

Measurement of your system is first taken including room dimensions, and a frequency swipe is performed at the listening position. Frequency Response, RT60 and Waterfall behavior will be analyzed and a design proposal will be provided. Corresponding design and products is carefully selected to reach a desire reverberation time.

The results would be much more clearer sound for recording, multi channels and 2 channel music reproduction.

Following is the workflow of the Vicoustic Onsite Measurement and Design Service.

Following are examples of design for some customers

Cost for per onsite measurement including design is 250NZD inc GST. Please email or call for more details.