The Avalanche

The Avalanche MK-II DSP active sub-woofer is primarily designed to compliment our existing Mini-Rock, Rock, Super Rock and Boulder models. Seamlessly transforming them into full range 3-way and 4-way systems by extending their low frequency performance down to an incredible 22Hz. It is also the perfect 2.1 or multi-channel format partner in a surround-sound setup.


We are now pleased to announce for the first time in our history the introduction of a DSP Avalanche version replacing the previous analog input Avalanche.

This high performance 24bit/96k Burr Brown converter design offers a huge amount of DSP control for the user with precise 1/10th dB level control on the input channel and output channels , mute, phase, delay and 8 bands of fully parametric EQ including various filter types, limiter protection. Plenty of factory and user presets are included for all the Unity Audio models.

The Avalanche connector panel features 2x balanced XLR inputs, 2x balanced XLR outputs and a sealed air-tight Neutrik Ethernet connector to access the DSP GUI by either Mac or PC.


The Avalanche uses a downward firing 12″ / 300mm woofer, designed exclusively for heavy-duty sub-woofer applications.

Sealed Aperiodic Vent Split Cabinet Design

The Avalanche MK-II DSP retains the sealed cabinet design approach but features a dual-chamber with an Aperiodic Vent between the two horizontal chambers.

An Aperiodic enclosure is one in which the woofer breathes through a resistive membrane to control the woofer characteristics. In laymen’s terms, it makes the woofer in a tiny enclosure act as if it were in a large, sealed enclosure. This simple yet clever design delivers all the benefits of a sealed cabinet such as zero port noise, tight fast accurate bass reproduction, flatter impedance curve, and extended low frequency without resorting to equalization.


A huge single channel 700 watt Class D amplifier is used and mounted inside the second Aperiodic chamber. This is optimised for the single 12″ woofer providing ample headroom for the most demanding high level heavy bass content applications.